What is a Fupa, How to Get Rid, Meaning, Causes, Before and After Pictures

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Weight gain and being overweight is a concern for millions of people around the world. When fat particularly builds up in specific areas of your body, even if not obese on the overall scale, it can get just as disturbing. That is the case with fupa. I sought to find out how to get rid of fupa with exercises, surgery, and non-surgical procedures along with the underlying causes of the groin fat. And what is fat or weight loss article without before and after pictures? We have them as well.

What Is a Fupa Pouch? – Definition, Meaning, and Medical Term

The slang term FUPA has been making rounds lately in the online space and magazines such as the Cosmopolitan.

The acronym FUPA stands for or means “Fat Upper Pubic Area” or “Fat Upper Pelvic Area.” It is used to describe excessive adipose (fatty) tissue or loose skin in the mons pubis area of the pelvic region.

This is the region above your pubic hairline and below the waistline; where pubic hair grows as part of puberty.

The term CHALUPA, an acronym for “Can’t Have a Larger P***y Area,” is often used alongside FUPA to emphasize its huge size in women. Fupa can affect both men and women though. The medical term for fupa is panniculus.

Fupa Pictures

Explaining what a fupa is surely is good, but accompanying it with some photos to give you a visual picture is even better. Some more fupa images are included below. Scroll right to see the pictures:


What Causes a Fupa?

When you have “groin fat,” the first thing you want to know what causes the buildup of the fatty tissues and loose skin. This is critical in helping you to not only get rid of the fupa but also take targeted measures to prevent its re-appearance. Groin fat accumulation (or fupa) is usually the result of various factors including:

1. Genetics

Different people store adipose (fat) cells differently. The genetic makeup of some individual makes them more predisposed to store more fat in their groin area. In fact, genetic predisposition is the main factor for the development of fupa. Such people more often than not find shedding weight from this area more challenging compared to other areas of their body.

2. Pregnancy

Having children can also cause fupa in women due to the accompanying laxity of muscles in the pubic area.

3. Weight Gain/Loss

Weight variation can as well culminate in the fat buildup and loose skin in the bikini area. Obese people are especially prone to the problem. Weight gain plays a significant part in fupa that occurs after pregnancy. Rapid weight loss, on the other hand, can cause pockets of loose skin to develop in the bikini area.

4. Poor Diet

What you eat determine how you feel and how you look and that is even more true for people with or who are genetically prone to bikini area fat. The chief causative dietary factors for fupa are inflammatory and processed foods including alcohol, fast foods loaded with sodium, refined grain meals, etc. These foods tend to cause fatty tissue buildup in your body.

Refined sugars in particular, e.g., in white bread, white sugar, etc., cause a spike in blood sugar levels, leading to an increase in insulin levels in your blood. Your body responds to this with increased fat storage. Depending on your genetic makeup, this may manifest itself in a pesky fupa.

5. Stress

According to Dr. Charles Perry, a plastic surgeon in Sacramento, California, stress can also contribute to fupa development. In addition to poor eating habits, stress triggers higher storage of fat. This is attributed to cortisol hormone.

How to Get Rid Of Fupa without Surgery

A small fupa that is not noticeable under the clothing is hardly a cause for concern for most people but some people, especially women, still labor over it. A major fupa (or a fuda dupa as some people call it) can, however, make shopping for clothing, making love, and spotting swimwear a nasty experience, not to mention kill your self-esteem.

It is not all gloom and doom though. With the right diet, exercises and if necessary, surgical interventions, you can lose the fupa and regain your sexy self. How to get rid of fupa without surgery and surgical procedures is all a matter of the following strategies:

1. Adopt an Appropriate Diet

While trying to lose their fupa, a lot of people make the mistake of focusing only on their calorie intake without paying attention to the effects of the foods, e.g., refined grains that they are consuming. Inappropriate food choices end up tempering their efforts.

Some dietary tips are given below to help you lose your fupa after pregnancy, c section, weight gain or loss, etc. without surgery:

Give Inflammatory and Refined Foods a Cold Shoulder

As already mentioned, alcohol, sugary foods, e.g., high fructose corn syrup, refined carbs (e.g., white sugar and flours), and other inflammatory or highly processed foods are a big no-no for “fupa diet.” According to the Cosmopolitan magazine, saturated fat and trans fats can also promote the development of fupa.

According to Dr. Perry, leafy greens, fruits, and fish are a great addition to your diet if seeking to lose fupa. Columbia University’s Go Ask Alice website agrees with this saying that an ideal diet for a person trying to lose bikini area fat should be rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. Also, your menu needs to be calorie-controlled and low in refined sugars and grains since they cause a spike in insulin levels and cause the body to store fats more readily; instead include whole grains.

Instead of alcohol and other sugary mixed drinks which are known to trigger inflammation, e.g., high fructose corn syrup, sip a glass of wine. According to the Cosmopolitan, wine is rich in resveratrol, a compound that can help to lower the levels of estrogen. Malbec wine is an excellent choice.

Get a Vitamin C Fill

For fruits, oranges, strawberries, and bell peppers are especially excellent choices since they are rich in vitamin C. scientific studies have shown that vitamin C helps to balance the level of stress hormones in your system.

Let Omega-3 Work for You

Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids may sound counterproductive, but they are as well as a great addition to a “fupa diet.” Omega 3 has been shown to reduce the levels of stress hormones in your body. Fish (especially salmon), walnuts, chia seeds, and walnuts are all great sources of omega-3. Strive for 2000mg of omega-3 per day: that is about 3 ounces of salmon or a quarter cup of walnuts.

Dr. Tobias Omega 3 Fish Oil

Go the Greek Way

Greek yogurt is also greatly recommended for people with pubic fat (fupa). It helps to fight the buildup of fat in the bikini area in 3 ways:

  1. The calcium in Greek yogurt helps with the breakdown of fatty deposits.
  2. It is also rich in arginine, an amino acid that enhances fat deposits removal while toning your muscles.
  3. Lastly, Greek yogurt is protein-laden which means that it will help you full for longer and thus make you eat less.

As regards how to use Greek yogurt to get rid of fupa, all you need is to enjoy a cup of Greek yogurt daily, but for an even more powerful bikini pouch remedy, the Cosmopolitan magazine suggests adding in a bowl of blueberries. These are laden with antioxidants, and people applaud them for their ability to hinder fat storage.

Get Some Capsaicin

Capsaicin in spices such as cayenne pepper (red pepper) is known to slow down the storage of fat (especially in the lower abdomen region) while enhancing the rate of metabolism which by extension helps you to torch more calories. How to get rid of fupa by putting capsaicin to use is as easy as sprinkling some cayenne pepper to your meals.

Spice Your Food Up With Cinnamon

Cinnamon is yet another helpful spice in getting rid of pubic fat. It helps to balance the level of blood sugar and by extension prevent insulin spikes that augment fat storage in the body. How to lose groin fat? Simply add ½ teaspoon of cinnamon to a smoothie or oatmeal, then mix it thoroughly and savor it now and then.

2. Fupa Exercises

Diet and exercise are hands down the best ways to lose fat and weight without surgery, but the pubic area is one of the most difficult areas to target for fat loss. Your main exercise goal should be to lose weight all over while building muscles and strength in the lower abdomen; especially the area between the belly button and the pubic bone.

According to the Go Ask Alice website, it is important to have a regular exercise routine of about 1 hour that not only packs cardio but also resistance training. When your muscles are well-toned, the body is encouraged to burn more fat for energy which may then help to trim your lower abdomen. Below are some of the best exercises to incorporate into your fupa workout schedule.

High Interval Training

The Cosmopolitan suggests opting for a high-interval training as opposed to the normal cardio routine. Scientific studies have found this more effective at targeting the fat in your midsection and to torch almost twice the calories as the typical cardio routine.

Jog for 5 minutes and then switch to running at fast pace for 1 minute before switching back to a jog for another 5 minutes and so on. Repeat this for 30 minutes every other day at the very least.


Crunches are some of the best excellent ab workout exercises to get rid of fupa, but you need to be careful which variation you use lest you make your fupa worse instead of reducing it. Rather than the common floor crunches, go for either upright or reverse crunches as follows:

Reverse Crunches for Fupa Removal

  • While lying flush on the floor, facing up, place your hands on the back of your head without lacing up your fingers.
  • Bend and raise your knees so that they are perpendicular to the floor, in line with your hip. Keep the heels together or cross them at the ankles.
  • Now exhale and lift the chest towards the thighs while pulling the knees slowly towards your chest. Tighten the abdominal muscles as you do this and avoid lifting the bottom off the floor. Your elbows should be stretched out as you do this.
  • After 5 seconds with your nose at the knees, inhale and stretch the knees out again so that they are in line with your hips and without arching your back. Your chin should be off your chest.
  • Repeat 15 reps per set for two sets.

Upright Crunches

Upright crunches are also a great addition to a fupa workout routine. As for how to get rid of fupa with upright crunches, here is a guideline.

  • While standing straight, place and hands on your hips.
  • Now pull your tummy in.
  • Bring your left leg up as far as it can get, holding it as straight as possible.
  • Keep the leg in this position for a second and then bring it down slowly in a controlled motion.
  • Repeat 10 to 15 times, then switch sides.
  • Repeat this exercise every day to shed pounds and get rid of fupa.


Planks are also effective at not only burning fat in your lower abdomen but also strengthening your upper body. To use this exercise to shed fat and get closer to losing your fupa, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Hold your body straight in a push-up position, i.e., your shoulder should not be below or above the hip.
  2. Once you strike a balance, remain in that position for 1 minute.
  3. Repeat this exercise 2-3 times daily, increasing the duration by 15 seconds on weekly basis, until the fupa goes away significantly

Mountain Climber Exercise for Fupa Reduction

Mountain climber exercise is also great for lower abdomen fat loss and muscle gain. It also helps to strengthen the upper body. Here is how to use the mountain climber exercises to make your fupa smaller:

  1. Get in the push-up position so that your lower body and upper body are flush
  2. Now bring the right leg up towards the right hand as though you are getting ready to race. Bring the knee as far up as possible. Your lower ab will feel the pressure as you do this.
  3. Switch to the left, then back to the right leg and so on while gradually increasing the speed.
  4. Perform 2 to 3 sets, each with 20 reps or more, and you are done. That is all there is to how to get rid of fupa with mountain climbers exercises.

Chair Lift Exercise for Fupa Reduction

The Cosmopolitan suggests the Chairlift exercise as a great choice for fupa reduction. Here is how to go about it:

  1. Sit straight in a chair, with the spine aligned with the back of the chair.
  2. Place your hands firmly on the seat of the chair.
  3. Tighten your abdominal muscles, then bring your right leg up, keeping it as straight as you can.
  4. Keep the leg held up straight for a few seconds, then return it to the floor in a slow coordinated motion.
  5. Repeat this in sets of 10-15 minutes while switching the sides accordingly. This exercise will help to tone your lower abdomen and reduce the appearance of fupa.

Pelvic thrusts

Another powerful fupa exercise, pelvic thrust targets and tone the very lower parts of the abdomen.

  1. Lie on the floor with your back flush against it.
  2. With the feet held flat against the floor, bend your knees up.
  3. Now, with the palms of your hand placed on the floor on your sides, pull the abdominal muscles as though you are trying to hold on to something with your butts and then raise your butt as shown in the diagram above.
  4. Hold on for 10 seconds, then lower your butt down slowly to its original position.
  5. Repeat this ten times, 2 to 3 times each day for effective fupa weight loss.

3. Practice Yoga or Any Other Relaxation Technique

Yoga and other relaxation techniques help to reduce fupa by relieving you of stress. By tackling stress, yoga lessen the buildup of fatty tissues in problem areas such as the pubic area as the body’s way of availing nutrients to vital organs when needed.

How to Get Rid Of Fupa with Surgery after Weight Loss/Gain, Pregnancy, and C-Section

Proper diet coupled with exercises and stress alleviation should constitute your first line of action against fat and loose skin in the v-section (fupa) for both men and women be it from pregnancy, weight loss or weight gain, name it, but if these conservative approaches don’t yield the desired results for the fupa, you may then undergo one of the following surgical procedures:

1. Fupa Liposuction

Sometimes referred to as “lipo,” liposuction is perhaps the least invasive surgical fupa removal procedure and is often the go-to procedure for mild cases of pubic fat.

This is a simple cosmetic procedure whereby areas of excess, stubborn body fat that won’t respond to diet and exercises are contoured by sucking it out using a cannula (hollow tube) and an aspirator. Liposuction is done under local anesthesia.

Liposuction - a possible fupa reduction method. Courtesy: Flickr
Liposuction – a possible fupa reduction method. Courtesy: Flickr

One thing to note about liposuction is that although it works for both men and women, it is not ideal for the removal of loose skin that results from pregnancy or weight loss. It is more suited for removal of fupa caused by resistant pockets of fat.

Although it gives long-lasting results, liposuction is associated with numerous downsides. According to Brooke Seckel, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Boston, liposuction can lead to scars at cannula’s points of entry, not to mention irregular fat removal, especially if not done by an experienced surgeon – leading to deformities in the area.

It is also typical of the treatment area to swell and look bruised during the healing process. To address this, your surgeon will provide a unique compression bandage or elastic corset that place pressure on the fat removal points. Antibiotics are also typically administered to prevent infection. It takes around two weeks to recover from a liposuction fully.

If the appearance of your fupa bothers you, speak to a board-certified plastic surgeon about liposuction fat removal. Your surgeon may as well suggest using liposuction alongside Thermi if he or she deems it helpful in getting rid of the fupa, says Curtis Wong, MD, a plastic surgeon in Redding.

2. Monsplasty or Mons Lift

If you are looking to learn how to get rid of fupa fast surgically, then you may want to talk to an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon in your areas about a monsplasty, otherwise referred to as a mons lift, fupa lift, or a pubic lift.

As the name suggests, a monsplasty is a surgical procedure performed to get rid of excess fat and loose skin in the mons pubis area. As part of the surgical procedure, the surgeon will often tighten the underlying muscles. This coupled with reduced fat and tightened skin gives the bikini area a tight, smaller look.

Although monsplasty can be done as a standalone procedure, it is often done after a tummy tuck or a lower body lift. If a woman is also concerned about the appearance of her female genitalia – in addition to the fupa – the monsplasty may be done together with a labiaplasty (sometimes referred to as vaginaplasty.

Monsplasty fupa surgery cost will vary depending on factors such as location, your specific surgical needs, experience (and reputation) of the doctor, among others. You can, however, expect to set your wallet back with about $6,325 according to realself.com.

Fupa Before and After Pictures

I have this far only explained how to get rid of fupa, and as you will probably agree with me, effective fupa weight loss should give noticeable results. What a better way to depict that than with before and after pictures?

The photos below compare peoples’ look before and after undergoing one or more of the bikini area fat removal ways discussed previously including surgery and exercises:

I am yet to find good fupa before and after pictures – the ones I have come across so far are a bit misleading. When I do, we will post them here

With the options on how to get rid of fupa explained above, it is about time you stopped hating yourself or complaining about the fupa pouch that you got after pregnancy or weight gain/loss and instead do something to lose it once and for all. Good luck. Share your thoughts and experience in the comments.