9 Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Clarisonic

clarisonic tips
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Clarisonic is everyone’s darling. It is widely praised for its ability to make the skin clear, and beauty bloggers, dermatologists, and celebrities don’t seem to run short of praises for this handy cleansing device. Mia 2 is the most popular and also happens to be my favorite. Below we offer 9 great tips to help you make the most out of your Clarisonic:

Replace the brush head regularly. With time, the brush head bristles will start to lose their effectiveness just as a toothbrush would. The manufacturer recommends replacing the brush head every 3-4 months. Tip: If you look around, you may be able to save a few dollars in discount from purchasing more than one replacement brush heads.

Apply little pressure. Glide the device across the skin gently without applying too much pressure. It is the bristle doing the cleansing, so don’t go overboard. Otherwise, you might end up making the brush less effective.

Apply adequate cleanser. One mistake that people often make is to apply too little cleanser on their Clarisonic – or face – as Dr. Robb, a Cofounder of Clarisonic, notes. The right approach is to apply a quarter-sized amount of your preferred cleanser to the side of your brush as opposed to the center.

Remove your makeup first. If you are wearing makeup, prep your skin by wiping it off with makeup wipes. This is in particular recommended for the area around your eyes.

Avoid abrasive cleansers. Clarisonic is a mild exfoliant. You should thus not use it alongside any other exfoliants. Irritated skin is not something anyone wants. Some of the abrasive things you want to stay away from are facial scrubs, washcloths, coffee grounds, baking soda, and any other homemade scrubs you may be using.

Start slowly. Although Clarisonic is designed for everyday use, I would advise being hesitant to use it twice first to get your skin time to get used to it. You could, for example, use the brush once every other day and then work your way up after a week.

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Don’t share the love. In Sunday school, we were taught to be kind to others. That, however, shouldn’t apply to your Clarisonic. You don’t want to have the brush transferring nasty materials from your skin to your boyfriend’s (or hubby) and vice versa.

Pop the center part of the brush head for convenient cleansing. A nifty trick that some people don’t know is that the center part of the brush head is as well detachable. Remove the brush head, then pop the center part out before replacing it (without the outer ring) and you will get a slimmer brush head that makes cleansing the corners of your nose, the bridge of the nose, and the top of the chin among other hard to reach parts easier.  This will, however, cause increased splashing.

Keep the bristles clean. Clarisonic brush bristles can accumulate dirt and oil and make them a breeding ground for bacteria. To avoid this, clean the brush with a little shampoo after using it. On the same note, don’t leave your Clarisonic in the shower as this could make it harbor mold.

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